Scholarship Mission

“Whether in urban or rural areas, every family’s children go to school, hahahaha....” This popular nursery song “How Happy We Are” is the purpose and direction of this scholarship. It inspires us to completed all existing funding and continue the future projects for Chinese poor rural students.

Scholarship For

The elementary schools and students from the low-income families in China’s remote and poor areas.

Funding Channels

Direct funding and partnership funding with the China Youth Development Foundation.

Words from the School Principals

We are very grateful to Dr. Wayne Yang Chao for his love and help to our school. Let our children to grow up in this warm and caring environment.

----Fushi Elementary School

Thanks Dr. Chao’s financial support to to school. We should learn to be thankful to our society and educate our children with goodunderstanding of gratitude.

----Shangtang Elementary School

Founder and Sponsor


The founder and sponsor of this“Scholarship”by Dr. Wayne Y. Chao. He was born in Guangzhou, China and is originally from FushanVillage, Taishan, GuangdongProvince. In the middle school years, he worked as peasant in Yan’an, Shaanxi Province. He received a Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Berkeley USA in 1986.

He lead and as executives for a few technologies companies in the Silicon Valley in the US and also started up and ran a well-known Internet company in China.

In recent years, he has started and actively involved in “The Wayne Chao Funding for Poverty School Children”.


China Youth Foundation launched the hope project in October 1989. It is the most extensive and influential public welfare undertaking in China. As of 2016, the national hope project has received a total of 12 billion 950 million yuan, 5536000 students, and 19388 primary schools.



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Wayne Chao Scholarships for Poverty Students

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